Grand River Construction has regular, planned communications with customers, subcontractors, and suppliers to coordinate quality expectations, priorities, activities, and improvements.

The process begins with a project startup meeting. At that meeting, we discuss how the quality of the project will be controlled and the quality responsibilities of key personnel. We also coordinate a schedule for weekly production meetings, monthly quality management meetings, and protocols for telephone and Internet communications.

Throughout the project, Grand River Construction holds preparatory meetings prior to the start of upcoming milestones, tasks, or phases of work.  These meetings are attended by the key company and subcontractor personnel who are responsible for carrying out, supervising, or inspecting the work, as well as by interested customer representatives.  We review quality requirements, coordinate quality inspections and hold-points.  In the process, we listen to each stakeholder to understand his or her concerns for critical details.  We add the critical details to inspection checklists.  We also train production personnel on these details in weekly and toolbox talk meetings.

Grand River Construction weekly team meetings deploy findings of the preparatory meeting to field personnel.  The venue is used to train personnel on technical requirements, reinforce critical details for heightened awareness, and institute improvements to work methods.  It is also a forum for team communications and coordination.