A Culture of Safety

Grand River is dedicated to providing employees and others a safe working environment on projects in which we are involved. The practice of diligence, good judgment and common sense by all project team members helps to create an environment in which the chance of incidents is substantially reduced. All employees on our construction sites must take responsibility for their own safety. The employers of construction workers are responsible for implementing and enforcing safety rules and regulations applicable to their specialty. By contract, all Grand River’s Contractors / Subcontractors and suppliers are obligated to comply with federal, state and local safety rules and regulations governing the conduct of their particular operations.

The Site Safety Program of Grand River has been formulated principally to govern the activities of all personnel employed in any capacity on Grand River projects, and is dedicated to the goals stated by the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA/MIOSHA) “to provide work and a place of work that is free from recognized hazards”.

Grand River is committed to a Safety/Health program designed to meet the needs of ever-changing conditions, which are common to our industry. Recognizing that engineering techniques alone are not enough to ensure that exposure to hazards is controlled, the program includes coordination, monitoring and educating the personnel involved in constructing the project. Aggressive implementation of loss control measures will be in effect throughout the project as Grand River Construction strives for a successful and safe project. These components will be implemented through the same principles of management control applied to all phases of the project.

William Kersaan
Grand River Construction