General Contracting

Grand River Construction has extensive experience as a General Contractor in the Water Treatment and Wastewater Treatment markets and Energy / Power Generation markets.  Our General Contracting experience also includes numerous hospital suite remodeling projects, radiology clinic additions, industrial client expansions, industrial renovations and equipment foundations.  Utilizing our skilled workforce provides us the ability to control schedules and project quality of the important components of these projects including concrete, selective demolition, and carpentry.  An added benefit is the simplification of project coordination as we are the single point of responsibility and contact.

Grand River Construction’s project management professionals apply their experience in managing projects, including scheduling, subcontractor coordination and constant communication with owners.  It is our goal to completely satisfy our customers.


Being in the business of concrete for over thirty years, the Grand River Construction team possesses the collective knowledge and experience to truly understand, visualize, and construct simple to challenging concrete structures. Our experience includes a large array of  concrete structures including: small in-plant machine foundations to large transfer press pits; small commercial building foundations and flatwork to large scale multilevel concrete frame structures; conventionally reinforced or post-tensioned structures.

Grand River Construction understands the beauty and complexities of concrete.  It is vitally important that your project is done right.  Applying our expertise will result in a quality project completed on schedule.

Facilities Services

Facility Maintenance & Construction is one of our specialties. This is where a facility engineer, typically from a large campus, contracts with the Grand River Construction in an on-going basis to care for a specific scope(s) of work within the facility. We currently employ two successful pre-negotiated Service Delivery methods to assist our clients:

    • STANDING ORDER: This process is ideally suited for situations requiring quick turn-around, emergency resolution, or projects affecting operational capabilities. The agreement establishes billing rates for supervisory and crafts personnel, materials and equipment, and subcontractor costs. With only a phone call, the client’s needs will be immediately responded to with an integrated solution. Grand River Construction will self-perform work per our expertise and subcontract certified technicians as required.
    • LABOR ASSIST: Arrangement whereby Grand River Construction provides skilled labor to work side-by side with the client’s workforce or to supplement a smaller facility crew. This arrangement is often used where the scope of work is undefined, such as ongoing maintenance and repairs and seasonal services. Costs are billed on an hourly basis, as per negotiated rates for labor and materials.

We also offer traditional pricing methods to allow the flexibility to best accommodate our clients budget and purchasing requirements:

    • DESIGN BUILD: project delivery method is ideal for projects where time and cost control is the priority. This method allows for a single team source of design and construction, which improves flexibility for continuing design and making modifications during construction with as little impact as possible on the schedule. With the owner and contractor working closely together, it becomes easier to monitor expenses and deadlines
    • LUMP SUM: is the traditional project delivery method, and most common when required through public funding. Construction and bid documents are provided by the owner’s design team for contractors to formulate a lump sum bid. Contracts are awarded based on the bid price from qualified contractors. This method is typically the most rigid on schedule and design.
    • NEGOTIATED: project delivery the project involves the contractor early on in the design process where there is the greatest opportunity for the contractor to add value to the project. An agreement is signed and usually includes preliminary pricing, construction analysis, and value engineering. A Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) is provided when the plans are completed. A GMP can protect the owner by placing a cap on construction costs while savings are credited to the owner. This method allows for a very open dialogue on all costs throughout the project. Subcontract and material components are competitively bid, ensuring the project’s value.

We employ a large staff of skilled tradesmen with extensive experience working in GMP,  HACCP and high production facility environments. We also have a phenomenal safety rating with an EMR of 0.58, so you can be assured that our workers perform our work with the utmost safety at all times. We strive to be a one call solution for all of our facility services customers, we truly believe our job is to make your job as easy as possible.

General Trades and Carpentry

Grand River Construction’s general trades and carpentry services perform work in numerous industries and facilities including hospitals, retail and commercial, energy, industrial, manufacturing, educational, residential, aviation, historical, and the arts.  With our trained and skilled workforce we specialize in interiors, with an eye towards excellence and quality.

We understand that interiors count.  Be it new construction or renovation, we work closely with owners to communicate and coordinate the finished product.


Demolition requires careful planning and thoughtful preparation to ensure success.  Grand River understands that unique demolition requirements differ for each environment.  For instance, hospital  interiors demand maintaining a safe and clean environment for the patients while controlling noise. While in the food industry, containment of dust and contaminants is crucial.  Our staff of skilled workers have been trained in the Health Care Best Practices Program.  All of our employees receive training before each project to address specific concerns and ensure safe demolition.

Earth Retention

Ask Grand River for assistance in designing and constructing your earth retention system for your project.  We can help you with small cantilevered systems using soldier pile, wood lagging, and sheet piling.

We understand the importance of safely guarding workmen in deep holes, working adjacent to steep inclines, or the need to protect existing structures.  We will help customers consider the many factors including proximity, size, vibration effects, underground utilities, soil types, noise, and OSHA requirements.

Hydro Excavation

The benefits of Hyrdo-Excavation include:

    • Excavation without disturbing existing utilities and/or structures
    • Telecommunications maintenance and repair
    • Cleanup sandblasting / painting debris onsite
    • Installation of equipment without over excavating
    • Cleanup sandblasting / painting debris onsite

With the use of Hydro Excavation, our customers have been able to minimize the risks involved in their project by reducing possible, unforeseen direct and indirect costs:

    • Possible site repair / fines
    • Injury to employees / general public
    • Equipment / property damage
    • Disruption of utility services
    • Insurance claims
    • Lost time / schedule