GVSU/ Spectrum health parking ramp


This Project

This brand new parking ramp was constructed for the joint venture between Grand Valley State University and Spectrum Health Systems. The construction manager on this project was Pioneer Construction, with our role being the concrete contractor. The project was one for the books, totaling 34 deck pours spanning 8,000 sq. ft to 11,000 sq. ft each. In addition to the large deck pours, we also placed three (3) sets of cast-in-place concrete stairs throughout the structure. 

One of the challenging aspects on this project were the 2′-0” thick perimeter retaining walls. These walls were over 20′-0” in height, 1,000 lineal feet long, poured directly against the earth. This required Grand River to use a special A-Frame form system to pour the wall. Additional concrete and spread footings and piers were required beyond the project design to support the A-Frame one-sided wall formwork. Despite the challenge, the Grand River team utilized creative methods to form the solution. This new six-level parking ramp will offer 1,220 spaces for GVSU students in health professions and and for Spectrum Health Employees. The ramp is located off Gerald R. Ford Freeway in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

Cubic Yards of Concrete
Tons of Reinforced Steel
Tons of Post Tension Cable