CD-12 Mixed Development


This Project

Grand River Construction was involved early on in the design phase, helping to work through the plans and avoid unnecessary RFI’s and changes. GRC project managers and superintendents contributed to these design meetings by giving their informed input to navigate any unforeseen obstacles. 

Catalyst Development’s project would encompass four levels of parking garage wrapped with seven levels of building. The structure is approximately 275,000 square feet in size which amounted to a $13 million concrete scope budget. Our role on this project was the concrete subcontractor, on behalf of CSM Group as the Construction Managers. 

This project will have an array of benefits for the community in Kalamazoo. In particular, it will consist of 45 apartments as well as 4 A class office suites, including office for the Kalamazoo Promise, Southwest Michigan First, and the Stryker Johnston Foundation. 

Cubic Yards of Concrete
Pounds of Reinforced Steel
Pounds of Post Tension Cable